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"SAINTS" - a 3D Virtual Reality Museum.

Updated: Sep 15

For the very first time, the Orthodox Arts Festival will feature a 3D Virtual Reality Museum.

This Orthodox Online Festival, albeit modest in comparison to mainstream art, is one of the First in the World to incorporate extensive use of Virtual Reality Technology into its basis.

“Technology should not serve as a substitute for reality, but rather serve as a catalyst for inspiration and positive action.”

The decision for the creation of the Museum came about from an earlier proposal for a similar exhibition in a physical exhibition space, but it was abandoned due to the lack of funds and time consuming preparation. We had to admit that as times have changed we needed to employ a different method to reach out to the public. The lock-down gave us the clear signal of what to do next and the rest is ...history as they say.

The aim of a Virtual Reality Museum is not to replace reality, but to act as a catalyst for inspiration and positive action.

As with reading a book, though, as you undoubtedly well know, it was created to supplement our limited imagination and serve as a vehicle for our ideas.

We made a deliberate choice in our quest for VR (Virtual Reality) technology to adopt technology that is user-friendly and does not require a VR headgear (a step that we will never take).

It is referred to as non-immersive technology, and when applied appropriately, it provides a very pleasant experience of three-dimensional space.

Our plans are to continue with a continuous presentation of the lives of the various Orthodox Saints for the faithful or not public.

Contact Details & Donations online: Web: https://www.orthodoxartsfestival.com/

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