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"Aidan Hart": From Material to Spiritual - OAF Series

Updated: Sep 16

On this episode of WAWTAR, John is joined by iconographer Aidan Hart. They talk about the role icons and secular art play in society alongside a more detailed discussion on why icons look the way they do.

Aidan has been a professional icon painter and carver for over thirty years with works in over twenty countries of the world in a wide range of mediums. He has experience with panel and wall painting, mosaic, stone and wood carving, metalwork and church architecture.

He has also published various books on the art of iconography and was at one time a hermit. Aidan's book: Icons in the Modern World (https://tinyurl.com/4dpr63zx) Orthodox Arts Festival: https://www.orthodoxartsfestival.com/

On the Orthodox Arts Festival (from the website): "The Orthodox Arts Festival is an online event devoted to Orthodox Christian Artists that takes place every year. Our goal is straightforward. To provide possibilities for all active Orthodox Artists, as well as to share their combined creativity and inspiration with the rest of the world." "Our Inspirational sparks are as different as our places of origin, yet we are bonded by our shared love of Orthodoxy and the arts. Iconography, Fine Arts, Photography, Film, Church Music, and Literature are the fields represented during the Festival. All of the works are based on Orthodox Christian ideas, culture, and values."

"Why Are We Talking About Rabbits?" takes you beyond rhetorical "rabbits" and the shallow approach that the media and most thinkers today take to examine contemporary cultural phenomena. Using theology, history, philosophy and years of travel in Mali, the Republic of Georgia, Haiti, and beyond, John Heers offers a refreshing take to how we got to where we are now. WAWTAR is all about talking about those heavy things… lightly.


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