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"Jonathan Jackson": Roots of Beauty - OAF Series

Updated: Sep 16

Jonathan Jackson joins the show to talk about art and Orthodoxy, how Orthodoxy has affected his view on art, and a discussion on what beauty might be.

Jonathan is a five-time EMMY® Award-winning actor and Critics’ Choice Award nominee, who has starred in numerous TV and films including ABC/CMT’s hit drama “Nashville,” “General Hospital,” “Tuck Everlasting,” among others His band Enation has performed alongside artists across the musical spectrum, including post-punk legends Echo & The Bunnymen and he is also a published author. His current books include a work of Mystical Poetry entitled, “Book of Solace and Madness” and the non-fiction prose “The Mystery of Art”, which has been translated into multiple languages.

Links: Jonathan's website: https://www.jonathanjackson.com/home The Mystery of Art: https://tinyurl.com/55dzb6az Enation: https://www.youtube.com/c/EnationMusic

On the Orthodox Arts Festival (from the website): "The Orthodox Arts Festival is an online event devoted to Orthodox Christian Artists that takes place every year. Our goal is straightforward. To provide possibilities for all active Orthodox Artists, as well as to share their combined creativity and inspiration with the rest of the world."

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