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"Kremer Pigmente" - high-quality products for restoration, conservation, fine-art and handcrafts

Updated: Oct 19

Since 1977, Kremer Pigmente has provided high-quality products for restoration and conservation, monument preservation, fine-art painting and handcrafts.

Raw materials from all over the world are carefully treated and manually rubbed, sieved, scratched and filtered into powder. Based on color formulations of past centuries we have watercolors, color pastes, oil colors and retouching colors. The wide range is complemented by dyes, binders, solvents, chemicals, tools, brushes and literature.

We can draw on a wide range of specialist knowledge and our own production facilities in the Color-Mill. The production of Kremer pigments is still carried out by hand.

Contact Details: Web: www.kremer-pigmente.com

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