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"POTAMITIS PUBLISHING" – Orthodox Children's Books

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The first-ever Orthodox publishing ministry that publishes books exclusively for Orthodox children.

Potamitis Publishing – Orthodox Children's Books is the first-ever Orthodox publishing ministry that publishes books exclusively for Orthodox children. Since December 17, 2007, our family has been publishing dogmatically correct and enviably beautiful and intriguing books, posters, stickers, and CDs for Orthodox Children around this blessed Globe!

As of August 2, 2021, Potamitis Publishing – Orthodox Children's Books has published one hundred and ninety-six new books in English; all of them are also available in Greek. More than fifty have been translated and published in Romanian, dozens more into Russian, and fourteen other languages! We have never printed in communist China, and, God willing, never will! We print in the city of Saint Demetrios, Thessaloniki, Greece, and Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. If you need your order before a specific date, please, let Dionysios know at dionysios@potamitis.us.

Delivery times in the US, one to eight business days, Canada five to twenty business days, Great Britain one to twelve business days. Depending on the order's size, Australia three to twelve business days; the larger the order, the swifter the delivery.

God provides! If you wish to support our innovative work and our free shipping, order our books, spread the word, have us in your prayers! Call/text Dionysios on US/Canada 410-734-2771, (AUS 02-8003-7342), (GB 012 2739 2111) to hear more about how you, too, can become a partaker of this ministry. An important ministry for the future of the Church. Glory to God, and heartfelt thanks for your support.


Contact Details: Web: www.potamitis.us Email: dionysios@potamitis.us Tel: US/Canada 410-734-2771, AUS 02-8003-7342, UK 01227392111

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Potamitis Publishing – Orthodox Children's Books is the first-ever Orthodox publishing ministry that publishes books exclusively for Orthodox children. 
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