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Angelica Sotiriou - Open Studio Exhibition "Silence of the Heart" 2019-2021 on September 2nd

Updated: Sep 10

Mark your calendar. I will be showing the complete works from "Silence of the Heart" 2019-2021 on September 2nd. 2021 6-9 pm @ The LOFT building, LOFT2, 2ND. Floor Gallery and Studios, 401 south mesa, San Pedro, California, USA.

“A wonderful opportunity to see an Inspiring Art Exhibition.”

The works were completed just before and during the isolation of COVID restrictions. It is a body of work, a series, that I feel best embodies, reveals and defines my 45 year journey as an artist. Please come and join me...I do so want to share my work with all of you. Angelica Sotiriou.

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