St Paisios tv series premiered to record-breaking numbers of viewers.

The highly anticipated series premiered Thursday night.

While the first episode of the series was airing, the television ratings skyrocketed.

..."the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, which is not surprising given the film's high aesthetics, cinematic grandeur, and excellent performances."

As was already evident on social media, there were a large number of viewers anticipating the new series.

Indeed, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, which is not surprising given the film's high aesthetics, cinematic grandeur, and excellent performances.

This first episode was viewed on over 1.5 million television sets!!

Many such enthusiastic messages are being sent to the Channel from all over the world in support of its initiative. "...For many years, television has been trapped in the stage of success, profitability and the directed promotion of new principles and perceptions.But yesterday we saw a series that revealed on the glass of the television a unique thing ..... It was revealed how beautiful and true is the simplicity we have lost.The purity of the soul that has been transformed."

This has sent a clear message to Greek media outlets, not only that people are thirsty for religious programming, but also that, with any luck, additional Saints will appear on our screens... .



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