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"Studio Tips Live! Changes in Binding Media and the Search for the 'Lost Secrets' of the Masters"

WEDNESDAY, 29 SEPTEMBER 2021 FROM 18:00 UTC+01-19:00 UTC+01

Presented by Painting Best Practices founder George O'Hanlon, this Studio Tips Live! .

..."This lecture traces the beginning of the vain search for lost secrets and ends with the modern reincarnation of the search for old master secrets.“

The presentation will cover the dramatic changes in the techniques and materials used by artists began to occur in the latter half of the eighteenth century as the binding media was given much more attention than in previous centuries. This is related to the rising professional status of artists and the formation of academies for training artists, especially in Britain. Rather than using well tested and reliable methods and materials, which were based on studio practice and apprenticeship, artists began trying out new processes. This in turn is related to the vain search for the “secrets of the old masters” that led to even more experimentation and even scandals, such as that experienced by the Royal Academy of Arts and its president, Benjamin West, at the turn of the nineteenth century.

Natural Pigments is a manufacturer of natural and historical colors and artists' materials based in California. We specialize in rare and hard-to-find materials for fine artists, faux painters and decorators. We specialize in supplying artists' materials.

Natural Pigments is the maker of Rublev Colours Artists Oils and Watercolors. The colors are meticulously crafted according to traditional methods using natural and historical materials, providing contemporary artists with a range of colors and mediums that are not available from any other source.

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