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Exhibition on invisible heroes, martyrs of 1821 Greek Revolution by Mount Athos Center 22/6 - 25/9/2

Updated: Sep 10

New Martyrs, are presented for the first time in an exhibition.

The Exhibition “New Martyrs: On the Road to Freedom” of the Mount Athos Center, presenting for the first time new hagiographic themes that are never seen before in the tradition.

“Young people, either boys or girls, who were martyred for the faith and the homeland, are presented for the first time in the exhibition “New Martyrs: On the Road to Freedom” of the Mount Athos Center.”

To date, documentary research has identified approximately 200 new martyrs/saints who were martyred throughout the Ottoman rule. Fifty-six of those martyrs came into prominence through this report. The idea of the exhibition was born through a discussion of the people of the Mount Athos Center (Agioritiki Estia, Thessaloniki, Greece) with the artist George Kordis, who participates in the exhibition, and is part of the events to celebrate the anniversary of the 200th anniversary of the Revolution of 1821. During the pandemic, the Mount Athos Center organized the exhibition and invited 26 artists, providing them details about the theme, however, without guidance on which saint to paint. “Many of the themes of the exhibition did not pre-exist in the iconographic tradition.

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