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"Worldwide Association of Women in Byzantine Chant"

Updated: Oct 19

The world’s first official and largest membership platform for women in Byzantine Ecclesiastical Music.

Inspired by Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia who blessed the creation of a woman chanting choir, Nektaria Karanntzi founded the Association in 2013 in Greece and has since expanded its activities throughout the world.

The mission of the Worldwide Association of “Women in Byzantine Music” is to connect and inspire female chanters and choirs from around the world to bring joy and unity among its members through byzantine ecclesiastic music.

The Worldwide Association of "Women in Byzantine Music" is the worlds first official and largest membership platform for the women in Byzantine Ecclesiastical Music. The association was established in Greece in 2013 by Nektaria Karantzi, the prominent Greek vocalist of the sacred music and acclaimed as one of the most important female voices in byzantine chant worldwide, and her student Glykeria Mpekiari. The Association was initially operating in Greece, in order to bring together all the women who love, learn and practice the byzantine musical art and soon afterwards expanded its activities abroad and started to accept registration applications from many countries.

Currently, the Association maintains representative members worldwide, available willing to contribute to any worthwhile cultural efforts concerning Byzantine music and to help our members in the respective countries they represent. As well as individual members, the Association also supports byzantine and sacred music Women Choirs from around the world.

The Association is also an auxiliary member of the “Federation of the Associations of the Hieropsaltes of Greece” and a cooperate member of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra of Athens’ “Sacra Musica” Records, which is under the aegis of the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Ieronymos II.

The Association's work, purpose and mission is gratefully supported by some of the greatest and most prominent Hieropsaltes (Chanters of Byzantine Ecclesiastical Music) since its foundation, like the Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate: Charilaos Taliadoros, Theodoros Vassilikos, Charis Ntaravoglou, Fotios Ketsetzis, Dimitrios Nerantzis, Georgios Chatzitheodorou to name a few.

The Worldwide Association of "Women in Byzantine Music" is a non-profit organisation registered according to Greek law, under the registration number 29881 / Recognition Order Number 4/2013, Peristeri County Court.

Contact Details: Web: www.theoriafilm.org

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